A boundary survey is a procedure in which a surveyor establishes the corners of a parcel of land. It is an interpretation of the evidence base upon title information such as a deed, plat, or previous survey.  There is only so much room on the surface of the earth; everyone's property must fit! Therefore the distances in your deed are only a small part of the puzzle. The surveyor must take into account the existing conditions and monuments found in the field to make an accurate determination. SCI has years of experience weighing the evidence and is very thorough and conscientious in making a determination. We also perform mortgage, topographic, hydrographic, and asbuilt surveys.



An elevation certificate is an important instrument that documents your building's elevation, flood zone if applicable, and how the structure is constructed.  An elevation certificate is a federal form prepared by FEMA and must be completed by a licensed professional. You should have an up to date elevation certificate to obtain the best rate on flood insurance from your carrier. An elevation certificate can also be a powerful tool to use when negotiating to buy a house. You should know your potential flood insurance rates before buying! SCI can provide you with an elevation certificate usually with a fast turnaround. 



Construction surveying (or construction layout or construction staking) is a somewhat specialized skill set in the field of surveying; and pays to have experience on your side. We here at SCI are well versed in construction layout and large construction projects.   We have experience with everything from residential construction project to hospital campuses.  All our emplyees are drug free and OSHA certified.



ALTA surveys are specialized and often complex surveys that are set to a high set of standards by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).  ALTA surveys are based on detailed title package that can include locating easement for ingress / egress, the location of utility easements, buildings, paving, parking spaces, zoning and a myriad of additional options.  The cost on these surveys can be significant and are thus often reserved for commercial, multifamily, or high value properties.  This type of survey require a high degree of precision and may also require additional errors and omissions insurance on the part of the surveyor to cover any potential problems. SCI has performed many ALTA surveys over the years from small residential client to big box retail and shopping malls.